Why Hire A Consultant?

The main reasons to hire an August Day Live consultant are to help you with insights and various perspectives, provide you with resources to support your success and present you with guidance when you feel unsure about your thoughts.

Consultant List

We are ready to serve all your business needs.


ROBIN HARRISON Creative and Branding Consultant

My vision is to be a Soulful Leader. I want to inspire people to take a creative, bold and fearless approach to finding their true authentic and genuine selves and then applying that to their business practices. You can book the following sessions with me: Soul Discovery, Vision Exploration, Project Planning and Branding.

CHRIS IRELAND Business and Financial Consultant

My greatest pleasure is sharing my knowledge and experience to the betterment of others. I believe the truest measure of freedom is working for oneself and having complete financial independence. You can book the following sessions with me: Financial Mapping, Project Planning, Technical Training and Course Creation.

Terms of Service

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