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How we operate.

 – let’s bring your vision to life

How we operate.

 – let’s bring your vision to life


We offer high-quality services at a value for your business. In order to quote you a price, all services and custom orders require an email from you detailing your project. If you are a good fit, then we will follow up with you to schedule a free zoom session and create a proposal for the cost of the project.

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All our Consultants are dope! We charge a flat fee per session for our clients which is affordable for anyone who has an interest in one of our services. We have various professionals with competency in their field who offer their own individual pricing.

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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

House of Afro Boho is a lifestyle brand that is centered around the mindset, essence, and energies of the afro diaspora of bohemian culture.

August Day Live created all the branding for the business and manages its all marketing efforts and online boutique. 

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Everything we do is customized to fit our client’s needs, so that’s why we offer a free zoom consultation. 

Once we gauge your needs we send over a proposal based on your projected budget, which can reflect an “hourly” rate, “flat rate” or a “package deal” for multiple services

We offer various payment options while servicing your business. All packages and custom projects require a 50% deposit before we begin to work on your project.

If you purchase a “TOTAL PACKAGE”, you can split your project into 3 to 4 payments to make it more feasible for your bank account.

Please note, that if you decide not to complete the whole “TOTAL PACKAGE” process after you sign up, you will not receive the discounted price for services.

You will pay the full price for each “A la Carte ” service rendered. The adjusted price is reflected on your final invoice and must be paid before the release of your files.

We use Stripe as our preferred payment method. This allows both parties to be protected and offers outside resolution for any disputes regarding services.

You do not need a Stripe account to make a payment and we accept all major debit and credit cards.

We value you as a client and our goal is to provide you with services that you love. Due to the custom nature of our work, we have a “No Refunds Policy”.

Once your information is reviewed, we determine if you’re a good fit for our team. Before we begin, you will receive a detailed proposal and our terms and conditions. We want you to be clear about our expectations and what services we will provide for your project.

Remember, we do not accept everyone, so if we do move forward with you it’s because we want to work and add value to your project.

The next step is to schedule a phone session and go over your goals, questionnaires, and expectations. You also can ask us any questions at this time since we want to address all your concerns.

We passionately work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to create trend-setting brands.

We celebrate authentic individuals who “think out of the box”, care about their image, and revel in meaningful connections with their target audience. 

Thank you for your interest!

Please visit our branding and consultant pages and review services.

Each page has a link to request a free zoom consultation. 

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