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House of Afro Boho managed a $100,000 renovation project for a home with 4 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Our team worked with a Developer to plan and execute renovations that would improve the property’s value. This involved remodeling and redesigning areas, and adding new furnishings to enhance the overall look of the house.

The three R's


Our client had the desire to transform several rooms entire aesthetics and ambiance by breaking things down and renovating the layout and structure. We helped them reimagine the home to achieve the perfect aesthetic that suited their unique style and preference. We revamped the original floor plan to create an open concept area that adjusted the size of their kitchen, powder room, and den.


Our client wanted to reclaim the new space with thoughtfully selected elements. Our goal was to not only enhance the ambiance of each room but also the functionality, ensuring that the changes made were both practical and aesthetically pleasing.  We achieved this by carefully selecting lighting, paint, flooring, tile, accessories, and appliances that resonated with their personality.


Our client requested that we create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere that potential buyers would fall in love with. By temporarily decorating the home, we significantly improved the overall appearance of the exterior and interior property to increase its chances of sale. Our key goal was to provide all the necessary furnishings and accessories to highlight the beauty of the home in a subtle and tasteful way.  

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