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Learn effective steps to unlock your unique self and how to apply your talents, gifts, and desires to build a spiritual business with passion, purpose, and brand worthiness.

We start on April 11th.

Passion to Action is a free course designed to support Beta Testers for Spiritual Buzz.


This FREE 3-week course is for you if you own a business and . . .

 Desire to align it with your soul purpose.

Currently, feel stuck in branding, marketing, and customer connection.

Have expertise in teachable areas and want to create courses.

Want to connect socially with other business owners and customers.

And more importantly, you want to make more MONEY.

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You Must Do The Work

Never let fear, naysayers, or lack of resources stop you from achieving your heart’s desires.

As a spiritual and conscious entrepreneur, you must commit to the “Soul Discovery Process” and carefully align it with your business model and life’s purpose.

What is the Soul Discovery Process?

It’s connecting your higher self with your heart’s desires and then letting faith move you into passionate actions.

Why is this important for your life? 

 You owe it to yourself to tap into all the resources that the universe has to offer you for continuous growth. 

The 3 “IT” factors we explore in this course: 


You must analyze the difference between your heart’s desires and your superficial desires. Once you learn this important distinction, you are able to tap into your natural flow of energy. This is where everything falls into place without forced actions. This is where the magic begins . . .


Passion is a special gift from the universe that is connected with all your experiences you’ve lived through. It is most noticeable when the mind, body and spirit work together to create, express or manifest your heart’s desires, passions, ideas and values.


Creating powerful intentions starts by setting goals that align with your life’s purpose, passions, desires, values and aspirations. It is very critical to close the gap between your intentions and executing calculated actions. Your faith must not be wavered when waiting for your outcomes to manifest.

Course Topics

Week 1 - Soul Discovery

The first week is designed to help you eliminate fears and toxic behaviors, so you have a positive path to explore your heart’s desire, passions and business’ “why statement”.

Week 2 - Customer Connection - Part 1

This week you take the information you learned from soul discovery and implement ways you can create authentic relationships with your customers.

Week 2 - Branding & Marketing - Part 2

In Part 2, we cover the ends and outs of marketing and branding. You also explore how to use spiritual buzz tools to grow your business.

Week 3 - Course Creation

The last week is dedicated to curriculum development and how the Creative High platform can assist you with creating and selling your courses.

Results That You Deserve

What you put into this course is what you get out of it.  The bottom line is you must be committed to the process and you must do the work to see results. No excuses, no fears, no ifs, ands or buts . . . the time is NOW.

Below are expected outcomes:

More Self Love

You gain an appreciation for your actions that reinforce your psychological, physical, spiritual and business growth.

More Focus

You know how to make strategic decisions and have a clear vision for your business' purpose, branding, marketing and ideal customers.

More Clients

You have a solid plan of action to connect with your ideal customers in an authentic and genuine way.

More Money

You are aligning money with your soul's purpose and creating a life of happiness, ease, fulfillment and financial freedom.

Here's The Scoop

How can this course help your business? 

When you have unique branding, effective marketing and a solid connection with your ideal customer, your business runs like a machine. That means freedom to be your own boss and make your own decisions on how you spend your time.

We Provide All the Resources You Need


Each week the course has a designated topic to explore which allows you to better connect to your brand. The end results include greater awareness, increased customer loyalty and higher revenues.

This course includes:

* Weekly assignments

* Recommended reading

* Video inspirations

* Hands – on practical experience of setting up an online store and creating a course

A 30 minute session with an August Day Live consultant (first come first serve)

In addition, you have the opportunity to interact and network with other business owners who are going through this course.

This FREE COURSE is valued at over $499

We start April 11th.


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“God breathes through us so completely, so gently we hardly feel it, yet it is our everything.” John Coltrane